The New York City Marathon: what is it?

New YorkThe New York City Marathon is not surprisingly a marathon that is run in New York. It has been run every year since 1970 and it is now considered to be a major marathon. Every year tens of thousands of people will set out to run the twenty six miles through the city. The event attracts everybody from the world’s best distance runners to people who have never run a marathon before.

The New York City Marathon is one of the most popular marathons on the world. Every year it attracts tens of thousands of participants and even then not everybody who wants to run in it is able to. There is a limit to the number of people who are able to enter so a lottery is used to determine who will be able to run the event. Although people who have completed marathons before within a certain time are allowed to enter without having to go through the lottery. The event has come a long way since it first started back in 1970.

Marathons have a long history; the event was a part of the ancient Olympics and was created to commemorate a messenger who ran twenty six miles after the Battle of Marathon to deliver news of the event. It has been a part of the modern Olympics since they were founded in 1896. It was at the London Games in 1912 that an extra 385 yards was added to the event so that it would finish in front of the box where the king was sitting. This is now the distance for all marathons.

The New York City Marathon was rather late in appearing on the scene with the first event being held in 1970. At that time there were just over a hundred runners involved in an event that consisted of laps around Central Park. Over the years the event has grown massively and now more than fifty thousand people start the race each year and tens of thousands more come out to watch. The route of the event has changed as well and it knows encompasses all five boroughs of the city.

The New York Marathon is held the first Sunday of November every year which makes it one of the last marathons on the calendar for most people. It is now considered to be one of the world’s major marathons and as a result it attracts some of the best runners in the world. At the same time there are also thousands of people who are simply recreational runners and who will never run the distance again after the complete the event. If you are looking to enter a marathon for the first time this could be a good one to consider as it is well organized and attracts runners of all skill levels.